Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quick-and-Easy 30 min. Yoga Class

Take a time-out for this Quick-and-Easy 30 minute yoga practice. Enjoy!


Once again we have to close the studio this morning due to the snow and dangerous road conditions - the Thursday 8:30 am Yogalates class with EJ is cancelled. Please call the studio 1/2 hour prior to the evening and Friday morning classes to find out about further closings.

Stay warm and stay safe!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Due to the icy snow and dangerous road conditions, the morning classes are cancelled.
Please call the studio approx. 1/2 hour prior to the evening classes to find out if those will take place (201.833.5955).

NOTE: You can do yoga with me today, even if we can't meet at the studio! Check out the Palm Tree Salutation - enjoy!

Stay warm and stay off the dangerous roads! See you soon "on the mat."
Charlotte & the Stone Yoga family of teachers

Monday, February 3, 2014

Palm Tree Salutation - Enjoy!

Dear Yogis,

The weather outside may be frightful, keeping us at home instead of at yoga class. But you can still practice some yoga right now!

Practice the Palm Tree Salutation with me! The Palm Tree Salutation is an Ayurvedic yoga sequence that helps to balance our energies, soothe jangled nerves, and center our minds. It is especially appropriate in Winter when we may feel out of balance, not quite ourselves.